A New Standard of Vision

Satisfaction - Guaranteed!

Perfect Lenses - Guaranteed!

High Quality - Guaranteed!

Two-Year - Warranteed!

Uncompromising quality, at a reasonable price - guaranteed.

What Are They?

Crystal Vision Lensessm are prescription lenses for eyeglasses and sunglasses, which represent a full portfolio of highest quality lenses, all of which carry a Satisfaction Guarantee, a Perfect Lenses Guarantee, and a two year manufacturers warrantee.

Have you ever wondered why prescription lenses are so expensive in retail optical stores? Or why you can buy cheap or free prescription lenses on the internet?

The answer to these questions is that many retailers overcharge, or provide low quality lenses, or both.

Crystal Vision Lensessm is a brand that provides a reliable standard, so that customers are guaranteed of getting a high quality product with a reasonable profit margin for the retailer.

How Are They Made?

To make perfect eyeglass lenses, there are four essential steps:

  1. The eye doctor’s prescription.
  2. A great quality piece of plastic (or glass).
  3. A good optician getting the right pupil distance and segment height from your face.
  4. A great lens laboratory customizing a great piece of material to your personal needs.

If you have a good doctor and optician, we take care of the other two.

A Great Piece Of Plastic (or Glass)

Crystal Vision Lensessm are designed by retail optical industry people who are passing on to you an important secret: Great lenses are made by Essilor, Zeiss, Pentax, Seiko, and others but they cost more when their brand names are attached to the lenses.

Crystal Vision Lensessm are supplied by the world’s best lens makers, but we can offer them at lower prices IF WE DON’T TELL YOU WHICH ONES. This is referred to as “private label”, a common practice in the garment industry.

Lens Laboratory Craftsmen

A great piece of plastic (or glass) is worthless if not carved perfectly by an experienced craftsman. Crystal Vision Lensessm are made in a state-of-the-art laboratory in the U.S.A. in a partnership with a world leader in eyeglass lenses (but we can’t tell you which one). Every lens goes through up to 20 different quality control checkpoints. Follow this link to see photos of our lab.

A Lens For Every Situation

Crystal Vision Lensessm represent a diverse portfolio of lenses for every purpose, and (almost) any prescription. Follow this link to find the perfect lens for your needs.

Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Replacing your eyeglass lenses with the same prescription, or a new prescription, is easy to do. You can mail your eyeglasses to an Authorized Crystal Vision Lensessm retailer, who will install the lenses and mail it back to you. Follow this link to find an Authorized Crystal Vision Lensessm retailer.